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Sunday 9 August 2009

Windows 7 ludicrous upgrade policy

Using open source software has many benefits, including visibility of the code, security, community , reliability etc etc. The one thing that I really enjoy above all else is the freedom from the old days of license keys and license management.

It was always a pain when a new version of anything from Microsoft came out, figuring out what license you had, and how much you would have to pay them to get the software you really needed. They would argue that it's simple if you just buy a new machine, which is true, but not everyone wants to do that currently.

I then came across this chart posted on CNET, which to be fair has been slated as preposterous by even the worst Microsoft shrills. I did have a little chuckle though, when you think how easy Linux upgrades are.

In Linux land, if you want a different distribution that best fits your requirements, in either 32bit or 64bit release, burn to CD/DVD or USB and then install. Simple. When upgrading any Debian derived machine you just click a single button, and everything remains in place, just the latest releases of code and an improved environment.

Now look at the chart for upgrading to Windows 7 ;-)

All this just to get an Operating System with no applications installed in most cases, as you can't upgrade but have to do a fresh install. There is no doubt that looking at this chart that Microsoft is being run by committee's now, and it was like that in the bad old days of IBM, not a very exciting or inventive place to be.

I think I'll stick with Open Source thanks.

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Unknown said...

This is ridiculous. Too complex. I don't want to be bothered by details like that.

Open Source FTW! No need to bother with licences and legal copies :D