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Sunday 2 August 2009

Chromium browser has hit the tipping point for me

Well, I knew it was going to happen at some point with this great open source project, and for me that time has arrived, and I'm now using it as my primary browser, with Firefox for backup. It has been the other way around until the latest release of Chromium, where I would use Firefox for the everyday things I needed to get done on the net, while testing certain things with Chromium.

The latest release though, 3.0.197, has not only added new features and fixed many plugin issues and stability is very solid, but it has got to that stage where I'm not worried about it crashing. I will always say that as I'm happy beta testing, the odd crash doesn't bother me, but it may annoy some, so it's still won't be the primary browser for everyone, but unless it now gets pushed, we can't file the bugs.

I have been checking my Google analytics without an issue, previously it would freeze that tab. That is one of the great strengths of this browser, the way it keeps each tab in it's own process. This means you keep browsing , even if one of the tabs does throw a hissy fit, which will make testing it a whole lot easier.

The developers have finished and polished many of the features now. If you select some text and then press the right button you get the full inspect element which offers a world of developer tools, very useful.

The performance is still there , and this project is flying towards it's goal of an autumn beta, which may now come sooner rather than later.

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