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Friday 14 August 2009

Embedding quotes in a Redhat kickstart file

If you want some specific settings put onto your Ethernet card for instance, then these have to be in quotes within the configuration file. Well you can achieve this from within a kickstart file by surrounding the quotes you need with a set of single quotes.

network --bootproto dhcp --ethtool='"duplex full autoneg off speed 1000"'

(a single quote followed by a double quote, then text 'duplex full autoneg off speed 1000' and then a double quote followed by a single quote).

This took a a lot of digging out, so hoepfully it will save you some time if you need to get this working.

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Unknown said...

Help! I desperately need some advice / help...

I want an automated install (via CD or USB) of Ubuntu 10.04 ...on 100 remote machines located all over the country, using a Kickstart configuration file accessible from my web server.

How do I create the boot CD (or USB)?

How do I specifically add the boot parameters to that boot CD (or USB) to tell it the URL to use for it's automated Kickstart install?