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Wednesday 26 August 2009

Adobe Air, The BBC and Ubuntu Linux a perfect partnership

Many months ago the BBC was rightly lambasted for trying to force a service on the fee paying public of the UK with a system that only worked with Microsoft. After a massive protest from the MAC and Linux world, their little Redmond toadies were either sacked or moved sideways, and proper public server was introduced. Why anyone could think they could get away with this is beyond me, but maybe there are still some ivory towers in the lofty spires of broadcasting house.

I have been watching the back issues of many comedy programmes on the web, and they have been working fine on Linux for some time, but today I noticed that there was a download option. It might have been there for a while but I hadn't noticed it before.

The upshot is that there is now an Adobe Air application written by the BBC for all platforms ,including the MAC and Linux, and installing it was ridiculously easy. You just click on the download button and follow the clicks.

I'm currently downloading a test program, and all appears well.

I know there is an argument to be had here about the protection of rights of the programme makers, but as we already pay for the BBC, the argument about who actually owns the right in my view is up for grabs. I would contend it is the license fee payer, however I digress.

This is a great new feature, and one well worth looking at. Unfortunately if you live outside of the UK, you won't be able to get the content, that is unless you get TOR to pretend that you do ;-).

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