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Saturday 1 August 2009

Logitech laser V450 cordless mouse and Ubuntu

In an effort to cut down on the number of cables on my new desk, I thought I would get myself a wireless mouse. I was at Stansted airport with some time to kill, so I had a look around a new gizmo store, and sure enough they had some on special offer. I looked at a few, but the Logitech offered the best value for money.

Now, as with most third party devices, Linux never gets a mention, but it said it worked with OSX, and as that is basically a copy of Linux, I always take that as a good sign. There is even a download site for more OSX software.

Anyway, the little USB transceiver and the mouse work perfectly with Ubuntu 9.04 on my Dell lappy, and I didn't have to install or modify anything. I using it to create this post, and this device offers very impressive granularity and smooth selections.

It just shows how far Linux has come, in previous years I would never have bought something like this without checking first on-line that others had been successful using one. With USB and the great work of the kernel developers, buying something like this has become very straight forward.

The last piece of the puzzle will be on Monday when I try and get it working with a USB hub, so that I will end up with just one cable coming out of the lappy.

Take a look here for more information. Logitech v450 mouse

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Guitaraholic said...

hay man this is the exact mouse i use happily on my nice lil eeepc 1000! great bargain for the netbook varient!