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Tuesday 18 August 2009

Google's next generation search engine Caffeine

I have started playing with the new search engine that Google is offering, "Caffeine", which has improved speed which is impressive for a service which was already very fast.

I have set this as my default search engine in Chromium on Ubuntu to give it a good test, and so far it works without an issue.

It has to be worth taking it for a spin to see if it helps with your search's.

You can test it by simple clicking on this link.

Googles "Caffeine" search engine

Here is the setup to make this work in Chromium.

To install this search engine within Firefox, just visit this site and click on the download button and select ok when asked.

Google Caffeine add-on for Firefox


Steve Morton said...

It's very fast... noticeably faster than normal.

Codfather said...

Yes, and I haven't hit a single issue while testing it with Chromium or Firefox. It has been well tested before being let lose on the public.