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Thursday 27 August 2009

Virtual Private clouds are the next logical step for everyone

I have been working with virtualization since I could first get my hands on the code and it has proved to be a great success in many , but not all, environments. The introduction a couple of years ago of Amazons EC3 cloud was a great first step, and you could see the logic for it's uses among many companies, but again not all.

With the announcement of Amazons new Virtual Private Cloud, I think a very large step is now being taken into the next stage of cloud based systems development.

I think this is nothing more than the realisation by Amazon, and I suspect other cloud service providers that many large companies were never, and I mean never , going to put their corporate systems into a global cloud, no matter how long you could talk on the security of separation.

Using this method, corporate IT managers can migrate certain systems into the cloud and see how they go, like all things with corporates, slowly ,slowly. Once they are happy that the world hasn't ended with moving the Intranet into this new cloud extension to their network, they could well be persuaded to start to move other services into this new area.Then five years from now, they will all be sitting at the bar at a conference telling people they were one of the first to see the light and they always new it would be the future ;-)

Have a look at the announcement here Amazons Virtual Private Cloud

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