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Friday 5 June 2009

Firefox 3.5 releases beta 99

Well they are easing very slowly towards the release candidate, and as a supporter of Debian, I always believe it is best to release it when you have ironed out as many bugs as you can. Well this morning on checking the nightly builds I spotted that we now have a beta99, which is obviously the last build before we get a proper release candidate, or in fact it may well become the release candidate.

At this stage in the development game, there are no major changes or updates, but just the bugs are getting squashed, which is what really matters when you want a stable browser to do your daily work.

This current release works well on my Asus netbook with eeebuntu version 2 and 3, and you really benefit from the improved javascript performance increase and the pre-fetch caching that is going on. The latest builds of Chromium also suite this environment which is great for user choice.

Anyway here is the about page which show the version I'm currently using.

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