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Sunday 14 June 2009

Firefox 3.5 release candidate 1 is available

You will notice there is no mention of beta now in the about screen

Firefox 3.5 rc1 - get it here

Now as I'm still using using a 3.5 pre build, the developers may well be looking for another release candidate, as RC1 is dated 12th June, and my 3.5pre has just been update to a build on the 13th, but that could just be post launch development for the first patch release. The next few days will confirm this, but whatever the case, the release of Firefox 3.5 , with all it's great new features is now extremely close.

I also noticed on the download page that there is a Mac version and a Linux version, but I could not see a windows version, so maybe there is some development going on to squash bugs on that platform.

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