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Monday 1 June 2009

Chromium for Linux has been on a diet

The nightly builds for Ubuntu used to be around 19M a go, which used to consume some of that lovely bandwidth I pay the telco's for every month. I noticed since the Aplha has been released a few days ago that it has lost 4M in download weight and is now only a svelte 15M a day to download. This is still more than 5M larger than the size of the nightly FireFox 3.5 Shiretoko downloads I also do, but in the words of the great British monopoly, Tesco, "every little helps" ;-)

This is in the face of new features, like the options menu item, which now actually offers you some tick boxes, and you can change you home page, see the picture below.

Speaking of Firefox 3.5, I think the wait is nearly over for the RC1, and then following shortly the final version will be released, and it is shaping up to be a fine vintage. I have not seen any major issues for many weeks now, and I have switched to it permanently for my Firefox browsing, so I can test it more fully.

I think these browsers, as well as Opera and Konqueror, and the proven safety and stability that using Linux brings , make Linux a fine platform for web exploration. Their performance and features will be a great spur to each others future development, which is why I'm keeping an eye on them all.

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