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Wednesday 10 June 2009

Fedora 11 has been released

Fedora 11 Tour

The latest release of the Redhat Development distribution Fedora 11 has been launched and it is available for download. I suspect the mirrors will be red hot for the next couple of days/weeks, but this is a worthy replacement.

Have a look at the release notes here.

Release Notes

There are many new features, including updates to the Plymouth boot process with customisable themes. There still isn't a Dom0 for Xen, but this is slated to be released with Fedora 12 later in the year. As Redhat is moving more towards using KVM, and the debates about Xen getting included in the kernel upstream, this is not that surprising. There are however many new virtualization features that make this a moot point. You can always run the xenner application to work around running Xen Domu guests or just use Fedora 8 , which has Dom0 support.

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