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Monday 4 May 2009

Chromium now building again on Ubuntu

As I have previously mentioned before, the native Chromium build for Ubuntu Linux has been having issues over the last few weeks, but is now building again, and as I suspected has seen some intense development.

The new version is now working again with Google reader, and this post is being created with the latest build. I have also noticed while testing that a number of the options on the selection menus are now working , including the about option, see the picture.

The speed is as impressive as it has been during all of the current builds, and this particular build feels more stable than some of the earlier ones.

You are now able to easily use the tabs, and moving around the browser is as straight forward as using Firefox.


massi said...

Hi there!
I'm using Chromium too, and I'm getting really impressed! It's really faster than any other browser around. But I can't manage to get flash working on it.
Do you know how to get flash working?

Send me an e-mail at
massimo [dot] gengarelli [at]


Codfather said...

Hi, if you type about:plugins into a tab you will see the limited addins there are. Flash is known not to be working at the moment, and it is something the developers are working on.

The latest build is looking good, the option menu is now functioning, even if you can't do anything with it yet ;-)