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Tuesday 28 April 2009

Playing with Firefox 3.5 beta 5 , which wasn't meant to be

I have been installing the latest alpha and beta builds of firefox 3.1/3.5 since they became available , mainly for testing for eeebuntu, but also to see what is coming down the pipe and looking for speed improvements for on the Linux platform. Well , it has been faster since the early nightly builds, and has been showing improvements from each new installation, even with the version of Ubuntu being upgraded underneath it.

Well I was under the impression from all the development feeds that there was not going to a beta 5 , and it would be an RC after beta 4, but this post is coming from a nightly build of 3.5 beta 5.

Firefox 3.5 beta5 pre

The developers must have found a few more major bugs, although as yet after much testing I have yet to find any show stoppers, the only thing I find is that it does not shut down properly, and you have to force the quit. This is certainly not a big issue for me, as I very rarely shut down the browser, and always suspenf my lappy these days.

I have also been following the latest alpha builds of Chromium, but have noticed that it has not been building for the last few days, so it is obviously under going a considerably amount of development at the moment. I can't wait until it goes alpha, so I can start testing it properly.

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