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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Google Chromium goes Alpha release on Linux

I have been following the latest builds of Chromium on Linux, specifically Ubuntu as Fabien Tassin has done such a wonderful job of building the source using the Canonical launchpad system. An I noticed today that this has now gone Alpha release, so we can now start feeding back findings to the development team.

As the splash page says there is still things that don't work, and other things that need more work, but as I have posted before, this has started to be more stable by the release.

I have had a good look around the web for other system versions, for Fedora or Redhat without any luck, so if someone knows of a set of RPM's then I would be grateful, as it will save me building it from source on those environments.

See here for screenshot of the new Alpha splash screen:

Linux Chromium Alpha Release

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