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Thursday 21 May 2009

Installing Truecrypt 6.2.2 on Redhat enterprise with a xen kernel

I have just started a job where we are using RH 5 enterprise as our client of choice, and it has just reminded me why I moved to using Ubuntu from Fedora on the desktop. Don't get me wrong RH EL on the servers is great , and very stable, but when it comes to the client , the RPM dependancy hell can drive you to distraction.

Anyway, I had need to install Truecrypt onto one of the clients, and I fell into the RPM dependency hell, so I thought I would point out the RPMS you need to download and install to get this working easily on your Redhat client.

All the RPM's you need are listed below and the kernel I was using when I did it, I downloaded them all from here RPM's

Install in this order , this was down on a machine with the following kernel - 2.6.18-128.1.10.el5xen - so your versions could differ - check your kernel first with 'uname -a':


It works a treat , and does what I needed it to do, but with Ubuntu this would have been a simple single command, and the installation files were available directly from the application installation site, c'est la vie, I hope this saves you some time.

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