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Tuesday 7 April 2009

Chromiums latest Linux build now has mouse clickable tabs

As you will know I'm following the latest builds of this new Browser on Ubuntu 9.04, and I give the latest release a run through every day.

I noticed this morning - 7th April - that the latest build of Chromium for Linux has mouse clickable tabs, as opposed to having to use the keyboard commands. In and of itself not a massive step forward for the world of IT, but this clearly shows the amount of development effort that is going on for this new browser, and this will hopefully bode well for a great new browser for the Linux platform when it is released.

It would also be good to see an official alpha release so that the community can look at the new browser and help with testing and reporting bugs, but this will happen in due course no doubt.

I'm looking for a release schedule for this , and when I find one I'll post it up.

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