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Monday 13 April 2009

Simply no issues with the latest brew of Ubuntu

As you will have noticed I have been using the alpha releases, and the beta releases of Ubuntu 9.04 since they have become available, mainly for testing for our next release of eeebuntu which will be based on this version.

There are a few issues that will require a new kernel from Adam for the netbooks, but on the mainline desktops and laptops I have been testing it on I have found no major issues at all, which is very impressive for the array of different types of equipment I use. Everything from fussy Sony laptops and tiny netbooks to quad core HP desktop power machines.

I simply could not imagine being able to take another operating system and put it on so many different machines without having to hunt down drivers or fiddle with settings. If I had an IBM z390 mainframe, I could even stick it on their ;-)

To give the machines just that little bit of extra hassle I'm also testing the latest browsers from Mozilla - Firefix 3.5 beta4 pre - and Chromium for Linux pre Alpha, and all of these are proving to work fine in this beta environment.

The boot and suspend/resume times are truly impressive, and amongst all the great application version uplifts, I think most people will be impressed by these speed improvements.

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