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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Mozilla Weave sync application heads towards version 1.0 release

After updating this extension for Firefox this morning I noticed the following information from the Weave team

"Latest Weave Update
Weave 1.0 beta 1 was released on November 16th, 2009

* Improved Firefox preference integration with sync direction choice on first-connect
* Fixed issue with connecting on Fennec 1.0b5
* Added an automatic on-demand sync if many changes are detected
* More comprehensive history sync (initially and continuously)
* Many added bugfixes

Release Notes

1. Upgrade all your clients to the latest version
If you are using Weave Sync on multiple computers, you will need to update all of them to the latest version. Weave Sync requires that you use the same version of the addon on all your computers that you want to synchronize data to/from.
2. Syncing tabs across multiple devices requires configuration
If you are using Weave Sync on only one computer, it will not sync your tabs. After you install Weave Sync on any additional computers, you can enable tabs sync. To do so, on your original computers, open Weave Preferences and ensure the "Weave will" option is set to Sync Everything. Force a sync by choosing Sync Now on all of your computers and you should now see tabs syncing.
3. Server APIs
For this version of Sync, Mozilla no longer supports the old database and server API versions (i.e. before 1.0). You will be unable to use any version of the Sync extension that is before 1.0 beta 1 with the Mozilla servers.
4. Hosting Your Own
If you are hosting your own Weave server, you’ll need to add an apache alias line for the 1.0 URL – your old server will still handle the same API "

It is worth noting that with this release you will need to update all your clients as they have obviously changed some components in the backend.

This is a great extension for Firefox, and I hope that the Chromium bookmark sync version will eventually offer the range of features that this does.

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