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Monday 16 November 2009

Bookmark syncing arrives for Google Chromium on Linux

I have long talked about the advantages of Mozilla Weave and how you can securely keep you browsing information in a cloud based repository so that it can move with you where ever you decide to do your browsing. This is extremely useful and saves having lots of different bookmarks on different computers.

Well the ability has now arrived for Chromium, and it is built into the browser rather than an add-on like Weave. To enable it you need to call the browser with the


setting, and it will appear in the wrench menu, see below.

Chromium sync options

The Chromium version works in a completely different manner to Weave in that once you have authenticated your Google account information your bookmarks are stored in your Google docs area as a folder. This does have the advantage that you can easily share your bookmarks with friends and family if you wanted.

This facility doesn't offer the full range of choices that the Mozilla Weave does, but it is the first iteration and I'm sure this will be developed further.

You can check the status of your synchronisation in the options menu, again see below.

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