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Wednesday 15 October 2008

Great new Ubuntu book - Ubuntu Kung fu

I came across this book today and downloaded the pdf version. I have read a few chapters already and have found both amusing and enlightening.

I would definitely recommend you to have a read if you are using Ubuntu.


Open Office 3 for Linux is out

I have been working with the new release for some time and downloaded and installed the full release today.

This is a very simple install on Ubuntu, and there is a great guide on how to do that here:
Install Open Office 3 in Ubuntu

I know that the download servers have been hit hard by the massive numbers of Open Office users, so keep trying if the link times out on you.

There have been many improvements over the previous release , the first and foremost is the speed to launch. I know Michael Meeks over at Novell has been looking closely at this issue, and they have done a very good job.

The integration with Microsoft office has also been improved to include the ability to read office 2007 "Open xml" documents.

So far this has been a very useful and welcome upgrade.

Thursday 2 October 2008

Good article on swap to Ubuntu

I have written a post on this article about moving to Ubuntu from Fedora, so I won't repeat it here, but it would be interesting to see what others have experienced with a move to Ubuntu from another distro. and whether it was a positive or a negative experience.

Confession: I switched to Ubuntu