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Tuesday 25 January 2011

I have decided to become an Android Polytheist ;-)

Well, after many years of trying to stick to just the one omnipotent & omniscient Deity, with no success, and all my prayers being completely ignored I decided to bring in a legion of Deities rather than rely on just one.

This course of action was brought on by the loss of my beloved Android Smartphone, so I duly put in a call to his Holiness Lord Android of Google.

I burnt a chicken - normal with my cooking skills , ran around the office like a headless chicken, and then asked for the return of my phone.

Alas, like all previous attempts with just the one, switching to a few of them seems to have the same pointless effect, but at least I got the feeling I was talking to someone via my blog , and perhaps the odd person who reads this will feel the power of the Lord Android and send me a new phone ;-).

I had a lot more success talking to the nice chap in the Phone store , who gave me a new sim chip to stick in an old phone.

Ironically, later in the day I did get an email from Google asking to have a chat about a job they have going, so perhaps Lord Android does move in mysterious ways, and I'll end up getting a Google Android phone as part of the deal.