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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Getting Ubuntu 9.04 to work properly with VMware workstation

I had a need today to get an Ubuntu 9.04 image working with VMware workstation 6.5.3-build-156735 and I noticed several things were not working correctly, including shared folders, timesync and the mouse being uable to move between the host and guest operating systems smoothly.

I have been beta testing the latest VMware workstation product - workstation 7 -, that is about to be launched, so I thought I would give the the VMwaretools that come with that a try. I opened up one of my Linux virtual machines on the Linux workstation that has it installed and then grabbed a copy of the VMwareTools-8.1.0-169612.tar.gz. I then put this on a USB key and copied that over to the other machine. That did the trick.

All is now working properly, and the Ubuntu image is playing nicely with Windows XP as the host.

I'm trying to track down a better way of getting access to the latest tools, like a simple URL, but as yet the only resource I can find is the open-vm project, which is behind the VMwareTools, but the latest version of these would not compile on this version of Ubuntu due to a library mis-match.

I will update this post if I track the link down.


Unknown said...

In VMWare Player 2.5.2, there's a focus issue where the vmware player windows stays on top of other windows in the guest (xp) operating system when you click on a guest window. The only way around it is to click on the title bar of the guest window. Do you think this latest version of vmware tools you have would resolve that problem? It doesn't happen in workstation. Where could I get that version of tools? I'm signed up for the beta vmware fusion, but I can't figure out where tools are in that (not the biggest mac expert)nor do I know what version it has.


Codfather said...

Not sure about the fusion tools. The only way to get the Linux tools was to install the latest VMware wrkstation beta on a machine , and when the tools appear on the desktop to copy them off to a USB drive. I haven't found another link yet.

Ivo Jiménez said...


Where did you get the 6.5.3 build? I'm in desperate need of it in order to replace 6.5.2 (I have a lot of issues that are solved in the update) but I can't find a way to update

Codfather said...

Ivo it was part of the beta build that I have been testing. It should be available shortly.