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Wednesday 1 July 2009

Firefox 3.5 has been released

Firefox 3.5 has finally shipped , as it is effectively the code that was released for Linux on the 24th June as the third release candidate , second build. There have been many improvements in performance over the previous 3.0 release, and for that alone on many systems it is definitely worth the upgrade. You will benefit from the new javascript engine, the embedded ability to natively play ogg media containers and the new tab functions and features.

I have been using it for many months, and on Linux there are really no issues that I have found. It also works better on your netbooks, and you will notice the difference in speed.

I can heartily recommend it to the eeebuntu community, so get it while it's hot.

Firefox 3.5

We will be looking at building the .deb files for easy installation shortly.

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