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Friday 6 March 2009

Google Android to exploit exploding netbook market

I'm looking forward to what Google offer in the netbook area. I currently use Linux on every machine I use and it works perfectly, but I'm also open to see what others do with Open Source, and that is the real answer here. I have noticed a lot of hostile posts by people who fear this, I can't fathom why. I use Eeebuntu on my netbook, and it works perfectly, as you will know I work on the team, but maybe in the future we could change our base distro, so that is why I find it so interesting.

It is not just Linux , it is it's Open Source underpinnings that will eventually change the current monopoly situation, not just one distro or one implementation. Microsofts biggest problem is there uni hardware architecture approach, Open Source embraces all architectures, and that is what will change the Status Quo. In large part this is one of the great benefits we are derive from Debians efforts.

I have looked at getting a new Google phone as I like the interface, but I'm waiting to see what other handsets it's going to launched on first, choice is a good thing.

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WhoRamanoids said...

I'll be interested to read what you decide. When my Palm Treo-680 needs replacing...
The phone is good, but it's difficult to persuade it to synch with Ubuntu