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Friday 27 March 2009

Getting rid of the debug window when testing Chromium Browser

I have been testing the new Chromium browser for several days now, and apart from things that don't work, expected as it is a pre-alpha, I have really enjoyed it's speed.

Now by default it starts with a terminal window for debugging, but this can be turned off.

All you need to is edit the application launcher and set it to Application and not Application in a terminal.

You do this by right clicking on you Applications menu in your top panel, and selecting edit menus. Scroll down to the Internet section and select the Chromium launcher, and then change the settings , as shown below.

It's also fun to watch the changes happening with the new build that comes out on a daily basis, like the tabs that appeared on Tuesday. Give this project 6-12 months, and I have absolutely no doubt that Firefox is going to have another serious contender on the Linux platform.

Open source is all about choice, and this is going to give us another fantastic option.

Well done to the hackers on the Linux Chromium build, you are doing a great job.

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