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Wednesday 18 February 2009

A big thank you to the Debian team

I know I use Ubuntu on virtually every machine I own or work with , and I enjoy all the benefits that it gives me. However without all the hard work and development of the Debian project none of this would be possible. There are many other distributions out there that directly or indirectly owe their existence to this project, including the likes of Mint, Xandros, Mepis , Eeebuntu ....

I also know that the Ubuntu developers feed back many of their changes to make the desktop experience easier for all users , and that in turn helps the Debian project. I also think that the new awareness that great distributions like Fedora, Suse and Ubuntu have brought to the land of Linux will also bring attention to one of the pillars of our community, upon which so much is built.

I would recommend everyone who reads this and uses one of the many Debian derivative distributions just to pop over and look at their web site, and see the tremendous work that goes on there. You see, it could be the great work in some of the less well known hardware architectures, ARM, that could eventually spell the beginning of the end to the ludicrous software monopoly that has existed over the last decade.

I for one am very grateful to all their hard work, and would like to say thanks.

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