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Saturday 28 May 2011

Setting up an Adhoc wifi hotspot for your iPad using Ubuntu Linux

Well, since moving into my flat in Berlin, I have been stuck without wifi, which has rendered my iPad a little less useful than it was before. The flats just supply you with an RJ45 socket in the wall and an Ethernet cable.

So knowing how flexible Ubuntu Linux is, I thought I would have a look around and see if there was a way to set it up. There were lots of very good articles, a blog posts on the topic, and the truth is with Linux it couldn't be easier.

You basically just have to click on you network connection icon in the Gnome panel, and select "Create new wireless network" , give it a name and select the security type.

The only thing I have read, and found with my wifi network adapter is that they don't always support all forms of security, so you will need to test.

I started with no security, then WEP 40bit, then WEP 128bit and finally WPA. Your mileage may vary, so test them all.

It works perfectly, and I was able to download my newspapers , books, films etc etc.


Rajeev P said...

This doesnt work. My mobile (android froyo) doesnt detect the nework atall.

Dietrich said...

Sort of works - cant get any of the security settings to work with iPad / iPHone. So I am flying unsecured. The range is very small so it should be ok. But still, what security settings did you use in the end?

Codfather said...

I used WEP, but it does depend on your WIFI equipment I have read. I have also been testing my Mac mini through my Ubuntu laptop, and it struggles with all security so far, but I'm still experimenting.

Bacchio said...

Hey, thanks for the info!
It works on my iPad2 with WEP 40/128 from my dell xps m1730