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Tuesday 16 February 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 alpha has added many latest versions of it's software components

I have just run up my Virtualbox virtual machine image of Ubuntu 10.04 - Lucid - to see what if anything had changed in the last week, and it most definitely has. So, we must give 10/10 to the software packagers working on Lucid who have worked extremely hard to incorporate the latest releases.

We now have the only just released Openoffice 3.2 , which will be a big win for this release of Ubuntu given the massive speed improvements and extra compatibility. There is no doubt that this software is of core importance on many desktops, as I use it on a daily basis.

Mozilla Firefox has also now been bumped up to the lastest 3.6 release, which also adds performance increases to the browser experience, and with Google Chrome in the software repository this release is going to be well supported for web browsing. I admit I would have liked to have seen Google Chrome or even Chromium installed along side, but I guess it's not that hard for people to install it now.

The kernel has been moved to 2.6.32-13, which includes several improvements, and far to many to list here.

Gnome itself has moved to the latest series 2 release - 2.29.2 - so as predicted there is no sign of Gnome 3 or Gnome-shell. This is not surprising as these will change the way people work with OS, and can't be done lightly.

It's worth noting that currently the rumoured removal of Gimp from the default install and the switch from Google search within the Firefox search box to Yahoo(Bing) has not taken place. These changes may well occur in later releases but I will be keeping an eye out for that.

The boot speed has improved in the virtual environment, but it is too early to say if this wil hit the desire of a 10sec boot on an SSD based machine.

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