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Friday 4 September 2009

Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 5 has a completely reworked install dialogue

If you have installed Linux over the years ,you will have noticed that the distros tend to fall into one of two camps, those with minimalist feedback when you press the install button, or those who offer news and detailed information about the Linux you are about to install. Well in this release Ubuntu have moved from the former camp into the latter camp, and here is the evidence.

The kernel has been moved up to 2.6.31-9 and there is a new Ibus application that I have not seen before, but will investigate.

It is still installing in a VirtualBox virtual machine while I type this, so I will report back on performance and any other new features I find.

1 comment:

Guitaraholic said...

very nice I will admit ! But it means more editing of the ubiquity code for eeebuntu now :P