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Monday 29 December 2008

Eeebuntu - latest version has been released

I work with a team of like minded people to deliver a really good looking and useful version of Ubuntu specifically designed for the Asus Eeepc netbook computer.

Well we have just released a new version for your Eeepc, which comes in three flavours:

1) Standard - which comes with a good base of pre-installed applications.
2) Base - which comes with the bare minimum, so you can add the applications you want
3) NBR - which uses the new Ubuntu mini computer interface

Jump over to our web site Eeebuntu web site and download the iso and have a look.

The easiest way to try it first is to install the iso file onto a USB stick. The easiest way to do that is to use another machine with Ubuntu installed as it now comes with a built in USB key creator application. If you don't have that, then use the unetbootin application.

Have fun , and post your comments etc on our forums.


Tom Loughlin said...

I just downloaded and installed the 2.0 standard release on my EEE 900A, and I love it very much (had 8.04NBR earlier) But I do have one question - on the website the Standard edition is supposed to have no NBR Launcher and come with VLC and other apps (Thunderbird and not Evolution). So I was surprised to see, upon first bootup, the NBR Launcher and other non-listed apps show up. Is there some mistake in the rollout that the Standard Edition got mixed up with the NBR ISO on a mirror or something? Or has Standard edition been designed differently than advertised? Thanks for any info, and thanks for the hard work. -twl

Codfather said...

Tom, your last explanation would seem to be correct. The two isos are completely separate, and as I only ever use the standard, I can assure you it should most definitely not bring up the NBR interface on install/startup.

As a project we did have some severe server issues at launch due to the demand, and maybe an iso got switched incorrectly. Let me know the url you got the iso from and I will check it out.

Did you do a complete re-install on the SSD? As a lot of your old NBR settings will get stored in your home directory if you did not cleaan that out as well.